Now, where do I start?

Back in 1965 I suppose.  I was born into a family of APBT breeders, who bred dogs out of lines well-known; Colby, Tudor, Richardson.  My family's primary goal was to produce excellent family dogs, and thus I grew up with tolerant "nannies."

To the right is one of the most tolerant: Vampire.  And that's me with my favorite galoshes.

In 1973, we bought our first Am Staff, from Storklind Kennels.  We bred Am Staffs for a few years (I helped raise 5 litters) but basically enjoyed the breed as a family pet. 

Below is a picture of our first registered Am Staff, Lady Brutus. (1973)

I went to college, and Brutus was put to sleep in my sophomore year due to cancer.  Unwilling to accept a home without a staff, I bought Ruffi in 1987 (of course while my Mom was on vacation and of course since she told me not to do it right before she left!  I still am not sure if I've been forgiven). 

My philosophy is to produce versatile dogs that exemplify their breed's purpose; they are wonderful family pets as well as feisty guardians of their human children.  They are innately intelligent and quick to catch on to their owner's desires.  They are loyal, loving, and well-bred.

My breeding decisions are never taken lightly, and usually take a few years to choose the best pairing.  Quality, not quantity.  The puppies are raised with loving, firm discipline, yet are full of ebullient personality.  I give them all the components for success I can possibly do in 8 weeks.  And I am there for the next 15 years for questions.  2 am or 2 pm, my priority is the dogs.

I microchip all my puppies and am in the process of DNA'ing all my stock.  I genetically certify all my dogs, breeding or otherwise.  It is the progeny's genetic health that tells the story of a breeding program's innate health. 

I strive for a well-adjusted, well-chosen puppy that will be well-structured for discriminating homes.  They will excel as doggie ambassadors and will be intelligent dogs.  All of my puppies are home raised and are handled daily, sometimes to excess as I pour a lot of love into each litter.

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