Pirouette Am Staffs

Health Guarantee of the puppy:  The puppy must be registered with the AKC; the puppy’s registered name must be prefaced with my kennel name, Pirouette; the puppy must be microchipped with the provided microchip (any time after 16 weeks of age) and the microchip must be registered with the AKC for this guarantee to be valid in whole.

Health guarantee:  Puppies raised on approved foods (Earthborn Holistic Grain-free, BARF [Biologically appropriate raw food], and any food agreed to by the breeder (if it receives a 4.5 star (or greater) rating on www.dogfoodadvisor.com it is approved) , will be guaranteed against any diseases that are genetically inherited.  These diseases are Hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, patellar luxation, NCL-A (ataxia- 2 copies of the defective gene, designated as “affected”), cardiomyopathies and CERF issues that do not result in a clear from OFA..

I require a schedule of vaccinations as defined by Dr Jean Dodds: http://www.dogs4dogs.com/puppy-shots.htm

Do not spay or neuter prior to 18 months. This may be amended on a case by case basis.  For an unbiased review of the pros and cons: http://www.naiaonline.org/pdfs/LongTermHealthEffectsOfSpayNeuterInDogs.pdf

I recommend having a very good relationship with your veterinarian, one which is open and flows both ways and not one where the vet dictates their opinion, and refuses to acknowledge or accept new methods in dog health care. Any health claims must be accompanied by certification of abnormality from two accredited veterinarians. Breeder will replace with a similar animal at the breeders’ discretion; the original puppy is allowed to be kept by its owners.

Temperament Guarantee: I will Guarantee said animal to have sufficient temperament to be a family companion when an approved training schedule and program are followed and documented. Documentation of two obedience class(es), including Graduation Certificate must be provided if the puppy is found to not have proper temperament as known to the breed.  The obedience classes are acceptable if from a local training facility, and if given by a trainer who has titled dogs in performance events.  Performance events are defined as Rally, Obedience or Agility (from AKC, UKC or any other accredited titling body). If animal proves insufficient as evaluated by at least two accredited trainers, Breeder will replace with a similar animal at the breeders’ discretion; the original puppy is allowed to be kept by its owners.

The breeder is available to help with any questions that may arise, and willing to be of any assistance needed, for the lifetime of the dog.  Breeder’s email hlmcclure@earthlink.net; breeder’s phone 847.630.1943 (text/voice)


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(Scan a copy for your records and return the original within one month of the above date to Heidi McClure, PO Box 9305, Aurora, IL 60598 to put guarantee in force.)