Q:  My vet suggests vaccinating every two weeks.  They have the best interest of my dog at heart, right?

A:  Either your vet doesn’t know about current protocols or doesn’t care.  Either way it only increases his profits if your dog develops issues from over vaccination.  I ask you this:  Did YOU get the measles, polio or mumps vaccine every year as a child?  Like you, it’s not necessary to vaccinate your dog for the same thing yearly.  I follow Dr Jean Dodds’ schedule of minimal vaccinations.

Q:  I know you said you feed raw but my vet spoke strongly against it.  What do I do?

A:   You don’t have to feed raw, just a 4.5* or higher food on DogFoodAdvisor.  If you want to feed raw,dehydrated raw or a high quality kibble, it should be completely understood that the reason your vet objects is vet clinics need sick dogs to continue profitting.  Just giving shots, especially since people are now better educated regarding vaccines, wont keep things going.  What foods does your vet have on hand for sale?  Science Diet?  It is one of the worst foods on the market.  Who trained your vet in nutrition?  Hills Science Diet.  Are you seeing the big picture yet?

Again, let’s ask Dr Jean Dodds:  Click here.

Let me tell you a story.  Hope developed blastomycosis.  It comes from wet mulch in an acidic environment and all the dog has to do is inhale.  Dogs at an antigen level of 5 have about a 50:50 chance of living.  What is one of the worst thing about blasto is it mimics so many other things that it is not readily diagnosed.  Dog gets sicker.  Dog runs a fever.  Dog limps.  Dog develops lesions.  The vets turn to antibiotics and steroids.  Dogs take a quick turn for the worse.  (Antibiotics and steroids are the absolute worst thing you can give to a dog with blasto.  Suppressing their immune system at this point easily kills them.)

This is what happened to Hope, after being misdiagnosed and prescribed doxycycline.  In addition, my ex-vet also arrogantly informed me her issue was pyometra.  I disagreed.  Luckily his vet tech (who got a nice Christmas present from me that year) had taken an xray a little bit off center and she noticed the lungs.  Off Hope and I went on the day before Thanksgiving 2016 to Medvet Chicago and Dr Mazzei.

Hope tested above quantification (>14.7) on her antigen levels for 4 tests over 8 months.  She ran a fever for 6 weeks.  She would not eat hardly anything during this time.  Dr Mazzei listened to me beg for antibiotics and steroids and calmly helped me down off the ledge:  it would kill her.  In fact, he admitted later, he had no doubt whatsoever she was going to die anyway, but as long as she and I were fighting this, he would fight together with us as well.

We were referred to a closer vet, Dr Webb at Midwest Animal Hospital.  Her vet techs saw Hope’s stomach contents on a routine xray of her lungs.  Full of bones….yes.  She ate RAW.  The vet techs were horrified.  Dr Webb just laughed and told them Hope was fed whole prey Raw.

On Dec 31, 2018 Hope tested Negative for blasto.    I should mention that Dr Webb also fully expected her to die (she told me later) but she would not give up.  I also expected the same.  Hope is known as the dead dog walking.  And barking.  And being generally naughty.

Excellent vet care was a great part of her recovery.  Proper medication was significant.  Hope’s desire to live was 100% necessary.  But neither of Hope’s vets deny the raw diet was of paramount importance.  Both of these vets are at the top of their profession, Dr Webb is a partner of her clinic and Dr Mazzei is a Board Certified Internal Medicine Specialist.  Neither have a problem with raw.

Ask yourself why your vet does?  ….$$….

TL;DR Get a different vet.

Q:  Are you against vets?

A:  No.  I am only against procedures that are harmful to our dogs.  And stupidity and failure to inform oneself of the latest and greatest advances.  In fact I love the vets and staff at Medvet Chicago and Midwest Animal Hospital.

Q:  What about worms?  All puppies have worms, right? (Answer also covers fleas and ticks) 

A:  It is very true puppies have worms which is why breeders are always worming them.  And they reinfect each other until they go home.   So what is the BEST wormer to give?  Again, my German-Irish “best bang for the buck” personality comes out.  Isn’t it wonderful to have the research already done?

If your vet suggests anything for intestinal worms other than Sentinel Spectrum Plus, insist on it.  Why?  It gets intestinal worms*, heartworms, fleas and ticks.  Why would you use anything else?  Oh…splitting it all up into pieces generates more revenue…  I know.  Broken record.  The * refers to two types of worms Iverheart and Heartgard (and others) don’t get:  Whipworms and Tapes.  If your dog eats rabbit poop in your yard, great, you now have Tapes.  And it wont be til it gets bad…and $$…that you’ll get the right meds.  As for Whipworms, they’ve resurged because vets aren’t pushing the proper meds.  They are also almost impossible to detect as they hardly ever shed in the poop of the dog.  But when they do and your dog picks them up, you’ll notice what is termed as an “unthrifty” coat, not wanting to eat, nausea and worst of all:  Bloody Diarrhea.

So to sum:  Sentinel Spectrum.

Q:  My vet insists my dog needs to be spayed or neutered.

A:  I suggest you read Konrad Lorenz [ recipient of the 1973 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine ]  He wrote a book “Man Meets Dog”.  In it he talks about puppy brain — yes, if you S/N your dog, it stays immature.  And this includes the ‘plumbing’ remains small which increases kidney stones, and urinary incontinence.  The incontinence is in both males and females.

If you Google looking for deleterious effects of early spay/neuter, all you get is a slew of slanted articles.  I suggest this Précis written by a PhD with no real personal opinion one way or the other.

I ask you to wait until 18 months of age.  It’s the age that performance competition dogs are altered at, if they are altered.

Q:  My dog is pooping in their crate.  What should I do?

A:  Make the crate smaller, feed on a schedule (no free feeding until they are trained) and take a sample of the stool to the vet to make sure they are free of worms.  Each one of these easily causes improper defecation.

Q:  My dog wont sleep through the night, what do I do?

A:  Cover the crate with a comforter.  Make it den-like.  Get a 3″ long raw marrow bone from your butcher (or ethnic market).  Let them clean off the meat and clean out the marrow.  You can run the bone through the dishwasher when it gets yucky, just keep an eye on if it begins to splinter.  Fill this bone with peanut butter and freeze it.  Bring it out at night and let them gnaw on it so you can get some sleep.  It goes away in the morning.  It is crate only…makes the crate a great place!

Q:  Is it ok to play tug?

A:  Absolutely!  The most dominant person in the house can sometimes let the dog win.  The less dominant members of the house, especially kids, need to win more often.  All members “own” the toy and they put it up where the dog can see it but not get it, when play is over.  Yes, this is a mind game.  Play it!

Q:  My puppy nips!

A:  NEVER LET YOUR BABY PUPPY CHEW ON YOUR HANDS.  I look at people who allow this and wonder why?  Look.  Hands in the mouth are not acceptable, ever.  So when I get a nipper, first I YELP and turn away and wont play.  Then I try to get them to nip me again and I do the same thing.  What you are doing here is speaking dog and telling them teeth hurt.  Doing it again reinforces that it hurts.  You should notice a lessening of the behavior.  If they are harder to reach, get the canned air correctors off of Amazon and blast them in the face with it when they nip.  Try to make them nip you again, and blast again.  Wash rinse repeat until they go lay down on their own because you don’t know how to play nipping right.  My favorite is pantomiming giving them a pill…especially since my hand is already in their mouth, why not?  Wash rinse repeat.  It soon becomes obvious this nipping game is no fun.

What other questions/answers do you want added?