It’s hard to state a philosophy without a little background first.

I was raised in a dog friendly home, and with American PitBull Terriers.  In 1973 we purchased our first am staff.  I’ve had am staffs ever since.  After college I wanted to do some breeding under my own name and discovered my sweet girl Essi was dysplastic.

This was terrible news for me as she was doing jumping in obedience and also working as a Therapy Dog.  She had almost everything — and what she did have was smarts and a temperament that could go and go, regardless of rowdy children, turning gentle for infirm elderly patients, or being a showboat and jumping over her Mom for laughs and giggles at the Children’s Psychiatric Hospital we visited often.

My philosophy is to produce the best temperament in my dogs.  I want the best health — I know how I felt discovering Essi was dysplastic.  I want my dogs in homes that are selective in the dog they bring home — they must be looking for the best puppy they can find.  I want people who do their research and ask me challenging questions.  How does one grow otherwise?

The people I select, and who select my pups, are the best people I’ve met.  I’m blessed to know them.  They come from all walks of life.  Some post many pictures, some are quieter; but the one thing they all have is a lot of love to give their pup.

I take my role as breeder seriously — to make the puppy you choose the easiest pup you’ve ever adopted.  I’m available for questions throughout the life of your pup and can provide guidance for whatever you are curious about.

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