Pirouette Am Staffs...a circle of excellence

Breeding Am Staff Ambassadors

Pirouette Boys

Click here to see our boys -- every male dog produced is a feather in our cap due to their adherence to the standard and their accomplishments

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Pirouette Girls

Every girl selected in our breeding program brings intelligence and nurturing to each puppy produced.

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Current Puppies

Each puppy is handraised to a holisitic diet and husbandry is constantly being researched to ensure they receive the highest levels of care.

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Pirouette Puppies - Placed

These are the pups that a representing Pirouette in their new homes. I am so proud of all of them and their owners.

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Who is Pirouette Am Staffs?

It’s hard to state a philosophy without a little background first. I was raised in a dog friendly home, and with American PitBull Terriers.  In 1973 we purchased our first am staff.  I’ve had am staffs ever since.  After college I wanted to do some breeding under my own name and discovered my sweet girl