updated March 11, 2007

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Here at Paradigm, it's our philosophy first to produce pups raised in a wholesome family environment to become loyal companions to great people.

It's imperative that we produce the best temperamented and most healthy dogs we can, so we carefully research our current and future breedings with the utmost care and diligence.

Even though our first litter was a singleton pup, we think that's what makes him extra special and we enjoyed the raising of just one...to give him the most and best start we can.  We have great hopes and plans for the future, continuing with our quest for the best.

We are very careful and selective about the homes that receive our pups and search for homes that will present this precious breed in the best spotlight possible.  We love to show, feeling it's a great venue to meet the public and also to socialize our dogs with people and other dogs and show exactly how great they are.

We continue to grow, and learn something new every day, and we feel we have been graced to live with this wonderful breed of dog and hope you will enjoy your stay at our site and take a moment to email us and let us know! 

All the best,

Paradigm Am Staffs