Pictured above is Roemeo, my once in a lifetime dog!

Over the years, I've collected pictures of am staffs and have long wanted to put them up in a place where people could go to research their pedigrees.  Anyone wishing to submit any old/new pictures, please email them to me.  All submissions should be accompanied by the dog's registered (known) name, their call name (if desired), DOB and sire/dam.  The reason for the submission of all this information is to augment my pedigree database which is in the works in getting built for a new home, since the pedigrees-online one has ignored my requests for an update for more than 3 years.

Let's take a step down memory lane.  For some of you, this will be one which you will see and greet old friends.  For others, this will be the first time you've seen these pictures.  For all, I hope you enjoy it.  I will also be adding another page to my website which is a 'historical' page of old photos of people and their bullies...proving to one and all that this breed has been a wonderful family companion for many generations.

The pictures I've scanned, I've scanned large and will continue to do so until I run out of room.  Those larger pictures will be connected to a thumbnail (white outline) so as to not slow down the loading of this page.

Archer's Debonair of Lylane

archers.jpg (10867 bytes)

Archers Muneca Dulsie De G's

Archer's Dab O'Dugane

ArchersDebutante_Ch.jpg (54129 bytes)

Ch Archer's Debutante

Archer's Diablo Bandido II

archersdixie.jpg (29344 bytes)

Archer's Dixie

Armitage's Kager

Arnold's Boy Bandit

Atchley's Fanny

Barbarian TB

barbariangunslinger.jpg (40565 bytes)

Ch Barbarian's Gunslinger

barberycoast_lambada.jpg (26002 bytes)

Ch Barberycoast Lambada

barberycoast_lonesome_dove.jpg (28085 bytes)

Barberycoast Lonesome Dove

barberycoast_lordothedance.jpg (22918 bytes)

Ch Barberycoast Lord of the Dance

barberycoast_maritimeedition.jpg (18213 bytes)

Barberycoast Maritime Edition

barberycoast_naughtybynature.jpg (19987 bytes)

Barberycoast Naughty by Nature

barberycoast_quantumleap.jpg (17200 bytes)

Barberycoast Quantum Leap

barberycoastdreamweaver.jpg (21739 bytes)

Barberycoast DreamWeaver

barberycoastrebelrouser.jpg (39608 bytes)

Am/Can Ch Barberycoast Rebel Rouser

barberycoastsecretrendezvous_1.jpg (22290 bytes)

Ch Barberycoast Secret Rendezvous

Barberycoast Tuesday's Child

blackbabyruffiandengrongngrong.gif (56815 bytes) blackbabyruffiandengrongngrong.jpg (20767 bytes)

Black Baby Ruffian De Ngorong Ngorong

Blitz.jpg (23535 bytes)


bonnielouofedmar.jpg (39596 bytes)

Bonnie Lou of Edmar

Brett Clint Frank

Briarcliff A Boy Named Sue

brownstacomajackjr.jpg (20576 bytes)

Brown's Tacoma Jack Jr

Bruno JTW Hauckalucke

brytongrandprix bravorojo.jpg (43460 bytes)

Ch Bryton Grand Prix Bravo Rojo

Bryton Lady Jessamine

brytonrockinmabeline.jpg (41070 bytes)

Bryton Rockin Maybelline

brytonrockofages2.jpg (8399 bytes)

brytonrockofages.jpg (28979 bytes)

Ch Bryton Rock of Ages

BTWoodcoteWonder.jpg (30460 bytes)

Ok, it's a Bull Terrier.  I think it's interesting to see they resembled the APBT in body type.

Woodcote Wonder

buecindeltastar.jpg (97197 bytes)

Bue Cin Delta Star

buecinhulkhogan.jpg (39615 bytes)

Bue Cin Hulk Hogan

buecinimaluckyfellowcd.jpg (37695 bytes)

Bue Cin I'm a Lucky Fellow, CD

buecinluckypenny.jpg (37593 bytes)

Bue Cin Lucky Penny

buecinsgingersnap.jpg (64926 bytes)

Bue Cin Ginger Snap

buecinsshotofbrandich.jpg (22060 bytes)

Ch Bue Cin Shot of Brandi

buecinssilvercloudch.jpg (56913 bytes)

Ch Bue Cin Silver Cloud

buecinstrickortreatfawn.jpg (54321 bytes)

Bue Cin Trick or Treat (fawn)

buecinsvaliantimagechcd.jpg (63110 bytes)

Ch Bue Cin Valiant Image, CD

Ch Buena Vista Chaz O The Ritz


Buena Vista China Beach

Buena Vista Nutmeg Blue

Ch Buena Vista Polk Salad Annie

Buena Vista Red Hot Rachel

Buena Vista Royal Look BB King

Buena Vista Sexy Sadie, OFA

Ch Caleb's Red Texas Bruiser

Carr's Little Anne of Rounders

Carr's Stormy Monday

CHAMPE1.jpg (54523 bytes)


Chasquiblackragingbull.jpg (33067 bytes)

Chasqui Black Raging Bull

chasquidynamite.jpg (25960 bytes)

Chasqui Dynamite

chasquieldiego.jpg (37088 bytes)

Chasqui El Diego

ChasquiIndianPepita.jpg (14731 bytes)

Chasqui Indian Pepita

ChasquiPattyPetticoat.jpg (33194 bytes)

Chasqui Patty Petticoat

chasquiredragingbull.jpg (27174 bytes)

Chasqui Red Raging Bull


chasquitruanafricanqueen.jpg (30767 bytes)

Chasqui Truan African Queen

chasquiWRIndiana.jpg (18727 bytes)

Chasqui White Rock Indiana

Cheyenne.jpg (34405 bytes)


chitownfranky.jpg (15805 bytes)

Ch Chi Town's Franklyn B Good

Ch Chitown's Gracie B Good

chitownschesterbgood.jpg (12932 bytes)

Ch Chitown's Chester B Good

ClaytonsEliJr.jpg (27518 bytes)

Clayton's Eli Junior (Brown Photo)

ColbysPansy.jpg (21776 bytes)

Colby's Pansy

Colby's Pinscher

ColbysTige.jpg (26184 bytes)

Colby's Tige

Ch Collin's Mystik Obsession

cruisinforabluisin.jpg (62108 bytes)

CruisinForaBluisinCHCDX.jpg (25459 bytes)

Ch Cruisin' For a Bluisin' OFA CDX ROH

CrusadersFlirtation.jpg (77443 bytes)

CrusadersFlirtationWB1960Nat.jpg (71912 bytes)

Ch Crusader's Flirtation

dauntlesspepper.jpg (47984 bytes)

Dauntless Pepper

Devilish Delilah of Terlyn

DiamondRingmaster0.jpg (25918 bytes)

Diamond's Ringmaster

doyletacomasallablaze.jpg (30927 bytes)

Doyle's Tacoma All a Blaze

Edward's Pancho Villa

Elsa De Ngorong Ngorong

EmpiresLovinTheLimelight.jpg (8260 bytes)

Empire's Lovin' the Limelight

Ch Epicure's Firewoks Obsession

EstrellasBlkBear.jpg (55508 bytes)

estrellasblackbear.jpg (50087 bytes)

Ch Estrella's Black Bear

Ch Evergreen's Midnight Lace

Ch Evergreen's Chicago Bear

Ch Evergreen's Demon Seed

Ch Evergreen's Earth Angel

EvergreenPeachesAndCream.jpg (11508 bytes)

evergreenpeachesandcream_1.jpg (39594 bytes)

evergreenpeachesandcream_2.jpg (55149 bytes)

evergreenpeachesandcream_3.jpg (44289 bytes)

Ch Evergreen's Peaches and Cream

evergreensraven.jpg (11452 bytes)

evergreensraven_1.jpg (10857 bytes)

Ch Evergreen's Raven


EvertruesBellaDonna11.jpg (6897 bytes)

Ch Evertrue's Blue Belladonna

Ch Farlsdale's Golden Duena

frajablackmaria_jackiefraser.jpg (43558 bytes)

Ch Fraja Black Maria and Jackie Fraser

Ch Fraja EC All The Right Moves

FrajaECMovinToTheMaxch.jpg (25482 bytes)

Ch Fraja EC Movin to the Max OFA

FrajaECRuffRiderch.jpg (73666 bytes)

Ch Fraja EC Ruff Rider

frajaecwinningticket_1.jpg (15599 bytes)

frajaecwinningticket.jpg (22595 bytes)

Ch Fraja EC Winning Ticket

Ch Fraja Thunder Battery

freesesconchita.jpg (12723 bytes) fullmoonrinsideromeo.jpg (62690 bytes)

Ch Full Moon Ringside Romeo

Gallant_Ruff.gif (42443 bytes) gallant_titan_SchI_CDX_Ch.jpg (28976 bytes)

Ch Gallant Titan ScH I, CDX

GallantKimbo_Ch.jpg (64608 bytes)

gallantkimbo.jpg (10999 bytes)

Ch Gallant Kimbo

gallantpistolpete.jpg (14951 bytes)

Ch Gallant Pistol Pete

GallantRuffsSuzieQ.jpg (71894 bytes)

Ch Gallant Ruff's Suzie Q

gallantsassy.jpg (10386 bytes)

Ch Gallant Sassy

gardnersrubyrowdyskillet.jpg (31151 bytes)

Ch Gardner's Rowdy Ruby Skillet

Gaylords_Dusty_of_Donnybrook_AmCanMexCh.jpg (33562 bytes)

Am/Mex/Can Ch Gaylord's Dusty of Donnybrook




Updated 9/02/08

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