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Am Staff Breeders

Buena Vista Kennels* Tonkawa Kennels Rebbull Am Staffs
Northeast Am Staffs* Obsession Am Staffs

Odyssey Am Staffs

Barberycoast Am Staffs Bryton American Staffordshire Terriers Hartagold Am Staffs and APBTs
Windwalker Kennels* Golden Triangle Am Staffs Larmon Am Staffs & APBT

Pooler Am Staffs Shondell Am Staffs* Schneider Am Staffs (AU)
RoPen Am Staffs
Anican Am Staffs Jumpstart AmStaffs and Manchester Terriers
Masterbolt Am Staffs BellaStaffs Am Staffs*
Links Page of European Kennels
Am Staff Terrier Network Sandune Am Staffs A Razz Ma Tazz

Other Breeders

Anubis Kennels  

(Chesapeake bay retrievers)

LochMaere Devons

(Devon Rex)

Arquest Rotts



(Staffordshire Bull Terriers)

Nonsuch Sighthounds and Jack Russell Terriers  

Main Am Staff and related sites

Greater Chicagoland Staffordshire Terrier Club* Staffordshire Terrier Club of America American Staffordshire Terrier Network
Am Staff Photo Album 

4000 pics

Online Am Staff Pedigrees OFA Website
American Dog Owners Association National Animal Interest Alliance Stone City Kennel Club*
Am Staff Terrier European Links Am Staff Central Canadian Kennel Club

CERF Website

AKC Website 


Spindletop  A and S Rescue

Furry Friends Foundation

Sites of Interest

Animal Artwork done in Marble Hoflin Top 50 (I & II)

Webresearch (Smiry)

Training Interests

The Problem With Head Halters - Article by Suzanne Clothier IWPA - International Weight Pull Association Dobbs Training Center Online Shopping
International Association of Canine Professionals Articles of Interest
The Savvy Dog

Homemade Treats/Satin Balls

Dog Logic Dog Treat Recipes

Dogs, Free Dog Stuff and Canine Fun!
If you love dogs, visit now! You can get FREE dog web sites, free dog email, send a free dog postcard and so much more!


Dog Shows

Infodog Panels By Breed
Canadian KennelClub International dog Shows
Jack Onofrio Dog Shows - Show Results Index About IABCA Onofrio
Roy Jones Dog Shows

Moss-Bow (Crowe) Infodog


Dog Supply Online Catalogs

KV Vet Supply


J and J Dog Supplies


Revival Animal Health

The Dog's Outfitter


Everything Doggy ADOGNET Index, World's largest all-breed directory and store descriptions, breeders, books
How to Determine the Identity of a Found Dog
Dog Breeder's Guild Pet Prints Dog Calendars NorthCoast Greyhound Support
General Dog Sites The MAIN pages at Ethical Decisions about Dogs

Dog Breeding

Virtual Breeding
Breeding and Chaos Theory
...Commercial breeders...
Large scale vs Small Scale Breedings Calculating Risk through pedigrees  

Dog Medical

APBT & AST Health Issues OFA Search Online American Heartworm Society
Eye Vet Consulting Von Willebrand's Disease Juvenile Renal Disease
Canine Hip and Elbow Dysplasia Resources
Southern California Veterinary Surgical Group - Wobbler Syndrome
Pet Euthanasia...What to Expect, What You Should Know Prior to the Appointment.
Animal CPR Instructions
The Merck Veterinary Manual White Deafness
Medline Plus/Pets and Pet Health Toxic Plants 1

Toxic Plants 2

ASPCA Animal Poison Control
Animal CPR Health Information Links Canine Worm Treatment
Veterinary Formulary Human Drug dosages for Dogs and Cats Nutritional and Skeletal diseases in dogs
Ocular Compression and Seizures Health Specific Links Page List of Informative Articles

Hershey Foods Corporation - Theobromine

Chocolate Toxicity in Dogs

Toxic plants for dogs, poisonous plants for dogs and pets. Poison Control Info

Christmas Tips

Christmas Pups 

How Dogs See Colors
Vet Consultant By Cornell
Can You ID a Dog With DNA?

Cancer Diet (supplements, food, etc to counteract cancer)

Toxic Foods/Plants


Dog Food

Kibble Ingredients Steve's Real Food For Dogs and Cats Beet Pulp Safety Warning (aka the famous squirrel story) - by Susan Evans Garlinghouse
Executive Summary Ethoxyquin (Main preservative in Science Diet Dog Food)
Innova - California Natural

Dog Genetics

Getting Started
Dog color genetics the basics John Armstrong's SUPERB Genetics Site
Coat Color Genetics
Coat Colors and Genetics

Dog Books

Everything in Dog Books
Hoflin's Dogs Online Welcome to the web's #1 source for Dog Books and Dog Products!
Welcome to Bibliofind! Dog Lovers Bookshop Table of Contents AddALL book search and price comparison
Alibris - Used, New and Hard-to-find Books, Music and Movies    

Message Boards Forum - American Staffordshire Terrier Forum The Better Breeders Forum
AmStaff Network - Home
Bravenet Web Services--American Staffordshire Terrier Board  

Dog Graphics & Web Design sites

APBT-AST Web Graphics Dog Graphics

APBT Sites

PITS of the PAST
The Real Pit Bull Real Pit Bull

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The Chainsaw Chick--Pine detailed carvings of your dog!
BARF'ing ASTs Rescue Hip X-rays Sire and Dam specific Photo Album
Pirouette Philosophy Patriotic Am Staffs Genetic Certifications Professional Affiliations Table Of Contents
Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tears Happy New Year Merry Christmas from Pirouette Happy Thanksgiving to All Toxic Plants and Poison Info
A Lesson In Becoming Alpha Dog Food Survey Results Dealing with Dominance Guardianship or Ownership? If I didn't have dogs
How to make perfect rose prick ears Many great articles here by Suzanne Clothier  Am Staff/APBT Historical photos (mostly unknown dogs early 1900's) Am Staff photo gallery (1920-present) Puppy/Breeder Need-To-Knows
Why should I spay or neuter? Pros/Cons What is a Title? When I Am Old


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