Pirouette's Private Danseur, CERF04, OFA Patellas, OFA el,  OFA thy, OFA Cardio, OFA Excellent Hips, TT





Pirouette's Exotic Blue Ginger




Pirouette's Pixie Flor Danseur, CGC, TDI




CH Buena Vista Abracadabra, OFA Ca


Aug 6 1998


Pirouette's Bailey

Owned by Mike and Erin and Jager


Pirouette's Angel

Owned by Heather and Frank



Pirouette's Chance

Owned by Tami and Sean


Pirouette's Hollee Berree

Owned by ?


Pirouette's Ginny

Owned by Stamatis Kapetanakis


Pirouette's Addie

owned by Deann, Ned and Mitch


Pirouette's Moet V Buena Vista, OFA Good & patellas


Owned by Lily and family


Ch Odyssey's American Dream OFA CERF


Owned by Ed and Sue


Charger Symphony Carmen OFA


Pirouette's Gator and Pirouette's Sophie Sweet Pea


Pirouette's Maia


Pirouette's Marley


Pirouette's Mocha


Pirouette's Molly


Pirouette's Nalla


Pirouette's Ruby





Updated 04/03/07


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