Puppies, June 22, 2005

Breeze x Flor babies

click on pics to enlarge, updated 8/24/05








Available:  Pixie aka Snugglebuns!  She is a bright, active pup with great potential due to her inquisitive nature.  Excellent in structure & flashy markings are just an added bonus!

The black brindle female with wide blaze is spoken for, she is going to Australia to live with Chris Findlay and Trevor Pritchard of ToTheMax Am Staffs "Kahia"

The brindle female with the blaze that ends at her eyebrows is in Washington State with Chip & Renee & family "Devani"

The half-faced girl is staying here "Pica"

The half-faced boy is going to Kentucky "Raphael" with Krystal & family (she can't wait she is picking him up in three days!!)

The brindle male lives with Barb, Bill & Kayla "Boy"

at 9 weeks:

First two rows are Pixie, she is still available and is so cute!  She will be a very standard sized female, and is one of the first to do stairs, up and down.  
Kahia, aka Pirouette's Takin' it ToTheMax

owned by Chris & Trevor


Kahia and Pica--I love Kahia's "don't you mess with me! look" this girl is attitude, to the max!

This is Devani, Pirouette's Divine Treasure.  There are only three pics because she was enjoying playing with my plants!  (I wasn't enjoying it!)  
Pica is my keeper.

Pirouette's Picabo Treat

This is Raphael, Pirouette's Guardian Angel.  His owner is Krystal & family and he will have a Doberfriend, Toaster.      
Will be updated soon        

at 6 weeks:

Going to Krystal in Kentucky!

Going to Barb, Bill and Kayla in LaGrange, IL

Going to Renee in Arizona

This is Pixie, she is still available!  She is the most irresistible puppy with attitude!

Here I am with my twin!  The girl on the left stays here.

Ready to jump into your heart!

Too bad its blurry, but still shows a NICE natural stack

Is this a zig or a zag?

Remember when I was sooo cute?

Poster boy!

Poster girl!

Showing off his promise!

Thank God there is no cliff nearby!


Irresistibly cute!

No, for once I did this to my ears myself!

I'm lying in wait!

Sharpening my puppy teeth!

Plotting her next move!

Which was to lay down and observe her littermates...


At 3 weeks + 4 days (4 girls then the 2 boys):

Note from Girl #1: No, I was not being helpful when I was being stacked.  At least I was better than Pretzel Girl.

Available, show quality


Note from Girl #2:  I was much easier to stack than my sister above.  I'm called Pixie because I am so cute.

Available, show potential 

Note from Girl #3:  Yes I am very cute, runs in the family.  It's hard to see in the pictures but I am a stout lil gal! Not available
Note from Girl #4:  Yes, I'm Pretzel girl, I did whatever I could to curl my body when I knew the camera was on me.  What's up with this front shot stuff?  Sheesh!  Of course as soon as this stacking was out of the way, THEN I relaxed and fell asleep! Not available
Note from boy#1:  Yes, I'm a dreamy boy!  I tell everyone exactly what I think, I don't realize I sound like a dog on helium, and I always wonder why that girl picks me up and laughs at me when I bark!

I happen to love tapioca pudding!

Not available

Note from boy #2:  Wow, I didn't realize she wasn't taking all that many pics of me!  (Neither did she!)  I was such a perfect boy that that probably made her think all the rest would be just as excellent as me.

Not available


At two weeks of age (4 girls then the 2 boys):


At 10 days: (4 girls then 2 boys)


At 8 days (4 girls then the 2 boys):

At Birth:





Updated 05 October 2005


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